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Caring at Its FinestHome Health

Our home health care services are provided by skilled medical professionals for individuals in need of medical care due to a health condition or following a hospitalization.

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Quality Care, Loving EnvironmentAssisted Living

Our assisted living facility is a great choice for seniors who require support with their daily living activities, but do not need skilled medical care.

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Finding the Right Person for YouStaffing

Healthcare companies can turn to us for their staffing needs. A.A Sheena Care will help you grow your business by providing qualified and competent staff members.

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A Home Near to Your HeartGroup Home

Our group home is designed and staffed to assist individuals in regaining their daily living skills. The residents will also have access to resources needed to improve their conditions.

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Welcome toA.ASheenaCare, LLC

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There are a number of care options available for individuals seeking health care services. Hiring a healthcare provider can be beneficial to help you navigate through your wide array of choices. Whether you need home health, assisted living, group home, or staffing services, A.A Sheena Care is the name you can trust. We will be here to guide you in choosing the right care options.

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Looking at What's Best for You Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide exceptional, comprehensive care for each of our clients and residents. We aim to do this by creating an environment that nurtures and supports their physical, emotional, and social needs.

About Us

When Do You Need an Aide?

As we age, performing daily routines and tasks may become difficult. As a result, many seniors seek the services of a Home Health Aide to facilitate their activities of daily living.

The ability to accomplish activities of daily living is crucial for seniors to maintain their independence and achieve optimum health and wellness.

Seniors may require the assistance of a home health aide if they have a hard time doing these activities alone:

  • Eating
  • Bathing and Hygiene
  • Dressing
  • Grooming
  • Mobility
  • Toileting/Continence

At A.A Sheena Care, LLC, we understand that you want to live a safe and independent life at home. Our services are delivered to our client’s home, assisted living facility, or in the hospital.

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